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ZINSER GmbH 02.08.2012

RMA : Return Material Authorization

In order to provide a better service as well as a quicker and correct processing of return consignments we are using a system of RMA numbers.

Kindly ask for a RMA number before you return any goods. For a proper handling we ask you to proceed as follows:

  • Please fill out the RMA form correctly and completely and fax it to your contact at the sales department. You need imperatively a separate form for each item that should be returned
  • You will receive your RMA no. immediately after receipt
  • Please print the form that ZINSER returns to you
  • Before shipping the goods duly packed to the following address, kindly include the completed form and mark the RMA no. on the outer side of the parcel:

        ZINSER GmbH
        Daimlerstr. 4
D-73095 Albershausen

Please note that we won’t accept any return without RMA no. These consignments will be automatically returned to the sender.

Thank you for your support.

RMA-document (PDF 80KB)


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