Floor welding machine ZINSER K58

for the welding of plastic floor coverings without joints and sealing of the seam edges of linoleum
and polyolefine coverings.

The small width and the short design of the ZINSER K58 enables welding close to the wall. Due to the well-tried torch location at the front between the driving wheels, the unit follows the welding groove in an absolutely precise way.
The integrated automatic swivelling device is coupled with the feed. When reaching the wall the machine will stop, the torch is turned aside, thus a burning of the floor covering will be excluded. This function can also be executed manually.

Technical data

Supply voltage  230 VAC                          120 VAC
Temperature     infinitely variable up to 600C  infinitely variable up to 600C
Output          3 000 W                          1 600 W
Air volume*     approx. 300 l/min                approx. 300 l/min 
Feed            2 - 10 m/min                     2 - 10 m/min
Weight          approx. 14,5 kg                  approx. 14,5 kg
Order No.       281 0058-001                     281 0058-002

Subject to modifications


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