ZINSER 2315/2325 A low price machine for high standards

ZINSER 2315/2325 - gantry machine for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting

With this New Cutting Machinery Generation, requirements of our customers became consequently realized.

The special advantages of the machines are as follows:
- Extraordinary robust design, linked with a high stiffness
- Precise linear guides on the gantry bridge
- Heavy duty runway, based on milled railway profiles S49
- Excellent and powerfull digitally controlled AC-drive system with high precision planetary gears
- Selected racks

By use of a wide number of tools and additional components customer requirements become fulfilled most favourable.
The ZINSER 2315/2325 is available in track widths up to 3.6m and up to 4 torch carriers can be combined with the machine.

Basic equipment of the machine - ready to cut:
- CNC-controller attached version (stand alone version on request)
- Three-hose machine torch for up to 200mm material thickness
- Cutting speed up to 6 000mm/min
- Positioning speed up to 15 000mm/min

Additional Components
- Hole piercing unit with fast preheating by means of proportional valves, central gas supply included
- Electric torch ignition device
- Motorized and capacitive torch adjustment
- Additional machine cutting torches
- Plasma power sources
- Plasma interlock and dialog system
- Drawing unit (ZINSER-2325)
- Marking unit
- ...

Brochure (PDF / 365 KByte)

Performance Tables
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