ZINSER 1225-1 Fiber Laser

Gantry machine for laser and plasma cutting

High value guiding machine for laser and plasma cutting, ideal for combined cutting tasks.
It unites the required speed for laser and plasma cutting with the robustness and longevity of an industrial machine.
Dual side rack and pinion drive system (helical) via AC - servo motors and linear guides for the X- and Y - axes.

Advantages of a solid state laser compared to a CO2 laser
The laser beam is guided in a glass fiber from the resonator to the beam generation system
- No adjustment needed
- No need for gas purging of the beam path
- No maintenance of mirrors

Cutting power
- 1500 W of a fiber laser comparable to a 3000 W CO2 - Laser
- Cutting thickness 1 - 13 mm

Safety Features
Completely enclosed machine housing for optimum safety for both the process and the operator
A camera enables the control of the cutting process

Economic Advantages
Low investment costs
- Very economical entry into the world of laser cutting
- Profitable even with only temporary capacity utilisation
- Low operating costs
- Minimum cutting costs in laser quality

Technical data
Track width:
Overall width of the machine:
Machine length:
Width machine housing:
Length machine housing:
Height machine housing:
Width moveable cutting table:
Length moveable cutting table:
Number of torch carriers:
Cutting thickness:



1000 - 3000 mm
track width C +315 mm (+ power track chain + controller)
working length B + 1000 mm
track width C + 2000 mm
machine length E + 1000 mm
2600 mm
working width A + 200 mm
working length B + 300 mm
max. 2
laser 1 - 15 mm (depending on the laser source)
plasma 1 - 50 mm (depending on the power source)
AC - servo motor
400 V / 50 Hz  

Brochure 1225-1 Fiber Laser
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