Systematic air purification in the working environment

Systematic Extraction
The new cutting tables from ZINSER offer optimal extraction, highest security and big cleaning comfort. The innovative construction enables a constant and efficient surface extraction. Due to the design of the tables the risk of sparks reaching the filter is reduced. Due to the modular design nearly all sizes of tables can be realized.

Extraction systems and Filter units
The extraction systems and filter units from ZINSER set a new
standard for performance, efficiency and productivity. The innovative oval form of the cartridge filters increases the air flow through the collector while prolonging filter life. Ultra-Web filter media in mesh-like nanofiber technology allow to filter more efficiently than filters with standard cellulose, polyester or cellulose/polyester blend media. By trapping more contaminant on the surface of the filter than depth-loading media, Ultra-Web filters more easily release and expel contaminant from the filter, which results in longer filter life and less filter maintenance.

Higher productivity and automation

Before: Cleaning of a conventional cutting table.

Today: Automatic cleaning of the cutting table

Scraper conveyor table
Slag and small parts fall on a steel-plate which is mounted at the bottom of the cutting table. They are removed into one direction out of the cutting table by a scraper.
Each scraper is powered by roller chains which are mounted in double-sided guide rails. The roller chains are driven by powerful motor-gearbox units. Via a control the function of the conveyor can be set on automatic (permanent or in time intervals) or on manual mode.

At the end of the cutting table it make sense to plan a pit in the foundation into which a container for slag and small parts is placed. This can be removed and discharged with the help of a crane and a fork lift.

Vibration conveyer cutting table

Vibration conveyer cutting tables do also belong to ZINSERís product range. Depending on the width of the table one or more vibrating channels run in the longitudinal direction of the table. The drives are located externally in a robust housing on the front of the table. Each channel has its own drive that sets it in vibration. The vibrating channels operate in the resonance range and are therefore particularly energy-saving and wear-resistant.
The slag produced during cutting are transported to the end of the table, where they are collected in a container and can be removed. The result is substantially better utilization of the cutting system and higher efficiency.

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